Final Goodbye

1933 -2022

For those that followed “The Adventures of Sam & Walt”

A Final Goodbye

It’s been almost three weeks since our adventures all came to their end.
God called you home so your memory could mend.

Alzheimer’s has no mercy and left you upset and confused,
It’s a horrible disease that left you abused.

My heart hurt for you as your life slipped away,
Each visit got tougher and it got harder to stay.

The memories of this experience have changed me forever,
Though our relationship was rough this disease brought us together.

From our shopping for bologna, shoe boots and Coke Zero,
You fought this disease like a big super hero.

At the end I know you no longer knew me,
But when when I visited you were always grateful as could be.

When I cleaned out your room your message was loud,
From the picture of mom and your letter sweater, you were proud.

This all showed me inside you were there I would bet,
You could not remember, but you didn’t forget.

Now you can move on and enjoy your rest,
You fought the fight and gave it your best.

Now until we meet again this is all that I need,
To tell you were loved and wish you Godspeed.

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